Good Afternoon and welcome…

considering it's only a semi it is pretty special.Now what?  What do I tell you about my life?  I don’t really want to give you a whingey blog, but right now thats how I feel.  Dead whingey!  The reason I feel like this is that I have just seen a surveyor tapping and exploring the best house in the area.  The house I have been desperate to live in since I was 7ish.  There is absolutely no way that I could afford it its about £375,000, crickey I can’t even afford the bus to town at the moment.  I have so dreamed about this house, a black and white Elizabethan front from Preen Manor in Staffordshire which makes it grade 2 listed and an amazing view over the best part of the city.   Feel like sitting in a corner with arms crossed and a scowl on my face chanting “it’s not fair!”   I can’t even show you a picture of this wonderful house as I have just changed from vista to windows 7 and haven’t even loaded my photos back up.    I’m just gonna sulk for the rest of the day!

Well there it is, not to everyone’s taste I know, but it’s certainly pretty special.


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