Small Loom Weaving

This is a throw/blanket that I have just finished weaving.  I made it out of James C Brett dk, it is all acrylic, not something I would normally use, but this is fabulous yarn, its a little fluffy and they do fantastic colours.

I made this with a Hazel Rose 4″ multi loom.  The squares are very quick to make, and usually take about 10 mins for each square.

There are 121 squares altogether and this is the first project I have completed.  Most of the other squares I have made were just practice ones trying different yarns, and just getting used to making them. I got my first small looms for Christmas, and they have barely left my hands since!  I love them, they are very portable, great for making small gifts and like my blanket, for larger ones too.

These looms were originally made in the 1930’s, and were called by various names, Weavette, Weave -It, Jiffy- Looms, etc.  They were really really popular in the US, I don’t think I have ever seen anything from that time over here in the UK, think it was mainly knitting and crocheting over here.

These days small looms are back in a big way.  Piecework magazine did an article on them last month, and the prices on Ebay  for original weave -it looms etc, went berserk!  Some fetching over $200!  When the month before they were fetching about $25- 50.

Below are some of my looms, these are from Hazel Rose Looms, and they are so comfortable to hold  and use.  Hazel and her husband Randy make all these looms and lots more besides.   Sorry I have not worked out how to make links on wordpress yet, but just put Hazel Rose in the search engine  and you will get the website.


7 Responses

  1. The blanket is beautiful! I clicked on the picture at the top to get a larger view, and the combination of colors is lovely. Wow, what a lot of weaving and sewing you’ve put into this, but I know the weaving was fun. Nicely done!

    • I am so sorry for not replying to you sooner, I have not touched this blog since Feb2013 when I lost my mum. Thank you for the compliment on the blanket. I did enjoy making it.

  2. What a lovely blanket. The woven squares make a very light weight blanket, don’t they?

  3. Beautiful!! I just got a weave it about 2 weeks ago and I haven’t stopped weaving!! Thanks for the inspiration :). I was wondering how you attached the squares together? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    • Sorry for not replying sooner lost my account etc.. The squares are joined together overhand, I was very careful not to let it show on the front. I cut long lengths when I finished weaving and sewed the up with that.

  4. I love the blanket as well as the colors you chose… just gorgeous! I followed a link over from Pinterest (what did we do before Pinterest?). I am your newest follower and am looking forward to browsing around your lovely blog. I just discovered pin looms, have never woven so much as a potholder but I am already hooked (no pun intended, well, ok, just a little one) 😀 It seems I’ve gotten bitten by the yarn bug in totality this year as I just bought my first spinning wheel and am teaching myself to process fleece from sheep (llama, alpaca, bunny, etc.) all the way through to yarn. Well, I’ve babbled on too much, just so happy to have found your blog! 😀
    Hugs from across the pond from a new blogging sister,
    Beth P
    Harrisville, New Hampshire USA

    • Hey Beth, so sorry for for not replying sooner, I don’t seem to have touched this blog since feb 2013 which is when I lost my mum. Not touched my looms either, and it’s probably time I did. My sons bought me a spinning wheel last Christmas, oh god it’s so hard to use! I’m finding it very difficult. How are you getting on with yours? Rosie

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