Crochet Today scarf.

I have been dying to make this scarf for ages, only trouble is I couldn’t find the Crochet Today magazine. It was the Sept/Oct 2009 issue.  I knew I had it, I have every copy since I started buying that magazine, but for some reason it was not with the others.  Oh woe is me, I looked in all my other magazine boxes, not there.  I forgot about it for a while and then saw the scarf  again on Ravelry, and this time I turned the house upside down to find the mag.  Strange isn’t it,  that the place where you knew that it couldn’t possibly have been, is exactly the place where it is!

I made it in Wendy Happy a bamboo nylon mix, it drapes beautifully.  I was actually going to use the yarn for sock making, but that never happened.  The colour is not really my thing but I still love it.  I am now making another one in a blue denim type shade, I think it is called Pluto.  this will go much better with the rest of my clothes.  It’s really quick to make did my first one in two days just doing bits here and there in between shopping, and dog walking.  I didn’t do the border that was in the mag, it seemed far too complicated, so I just made a sc, hdc, dc, dtr, three ch picot, dtr, dc, hdc, sc border and it works fine.


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