Molly the Monkey

I have been knitting for about 43 years, my mum taught me to knit and my gran taught me to crochet, my mum can’t crochet and my gran couldn’t knit, so I reckon I was lucky there.

When my boys were babies I always had kitting in my hands. I remember knitting a beautiful shawl on circular needles for Edward, who is now 26.  I did most of this while traveling 50 miles to the hospital for ante natal appointments.  We lived in Germany and I had to travel from Soest to Iserlohn, and thats quite a way when you are pregnant.  It’s also quite a way when you are in labour…

Anyway, lots of baby knitting, I can think of only one jacket I made for me that I actually finished and that must have been about 1981.  The yarn was bought in Germany, and I had never seen yarn like it.  I remember it being chunky and only cheap, but it was beautiful, a deep dark red 100% wool, which draped in just the right way – my mum and I had never seen anything like it in the UK.  I was still wearing it in 1996.  Excellent quality.

These days I have no babies to knit for, but I do have a friend in Canada who has a granddaughter who loves monkeys. So here is Molly monkey.  She enjoys playing in the trees and does like to do a bit of gardening.The pattern is from Fuzzy Mitten – sorry still haven’t got the link thing sorted yet.

So Molly is off to Canada in the morning.  Bon Voyage Molly!


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  1. awww she’s adorable.. and will definitely be well loved.. thanks

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