Weaving patterned squares

I love these!  I love making these!   When I first saw these patterns they looked pretty difficult, I am not the kind who can see a graphic pattern and immediately get it… I much prefer the written pattern  ie. U3 O1 W9  or Under 3, Over 1, Weave 9.  I am afraid that I would just lose my place on a chart of these patterns.

So on Sunday evening I gave them a go.  Now don’t laugh, but it was exciting to see the pattern coming up, and even more exciting when I took them off the loom and you could really see it!  Obviously they work better on plain yarn so that you can see the pattern,  but I suspect that if you used a marled yarn you could come up with some great textures.

Now these wonderful patterns – I still have loads more to do, come from a fabulous blog called Eloomanation.  www.eloomanation.com  under the project heading there are several very old downloadable booklets from the 1930’s onward when Weave-It’s were so very popular.  Some of the patterns in there are incredible, marvelous 1930’s dresses, children’s outfits, and household things.   Some of the booklets are just patterns like I have done, very pretty for making throws and blankets.

Has anyone worked a heart pattern out?  That would be wonderful for a baby blanket.

Also could anyone with a wordpress blog please give me a clue about putting a blog roll  and how to use the links.  It all looks very complicated, and I have tried but nothing seems to happen.  Thanks x


3 Responses

  1. How did you do these? Is there a link or some instructions somewhere? I love the different patterns you were able to create!

    • Hi, if you go to http://www.eloomination.com I think the address is actually in the post itself, there are tons of booklets that you can download free, they are from the 1930s and 40s there loads of patterns in them for the squares which is where I got the ones in the post from. Have fun!

  2. They are just gorgeous. I’ve visited that eloomanation site and unfortunately only a couple of the pamphlets downloads work for me.

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