Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

Wooohoooo!  I love making these, they come out so perfectly.  This is actually the Tumbling Blocks loom from Hazel Rose, which of course I have not taken a picture of.  Hang on, will do it now.There you go, wrong colours I know, but you get the idea.   I do like the idea of a circular blanket, should be interesting to see what kind of patterns can be made in one.  That is something to work on.  Here is the actual loom, beautifully made as usual.  I get my Hazel Rose looms from Wild Colours – it is in the blogroll.  Teresinha sells dyes and all sorts of scrummy stuff, and she also sells the looms.  She is extremely quick with the post and I think the post is free to the UK, but you will have to check.

It is a fabulous day here in the UK, and I intend relaxing with my looms in the garden and finishing the Fuzzy Lamb I am more than half way through, just got to do the head and sew it all together.  Hopefully on Monday I will be able to show him off.

Have a great weekend!


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