String Bag

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I did try to post this yesterday, but simply couldn’t get the picture to appear, but never mind, here we are today.

With all the supermarkets here in the UK trying to cut down on plastic bags, I thought I would see if I could make something that I could nip to the shops with.  I am not keen on the bags for life that the supermarkets sell, so Ithought I would try something more traditional.

I crocheted the bag with a 9mm hook and two strands of twine.  I was going to put more green in it, but discovered that the green twine colour ran in my hands, okay having a green thumb, but not so keen on totally green hands!

To jazz it up a bit I crocheted the flowers and used some pretty buttons as the centers.

It holds loads! It’s strong, and I bet I will still be using it when the bags for life have died and gone to the plastic bag heaven.


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