Stick weaving

I have been looking into weaving on  things other than my HazelRose looms.  Stick weaving must be amongst the first  type of weaving around.  You can imagine someone maybe weaving strands of grass round a few sticks, not because of trying to make something, but perhaps just sitting idly and just faffing about, and then realising that this faffing might just be something useful.

So I got my weaving sticks from Wingham Wools, about a fiver I think they were, and for those of you who like things to happen fast, weaving on these sticks is very fast.

Not sure what I could make from this weaving, you end up with a strip that is approximately 2″ wide and I thought I could turn this into a nice cuff/bracelet.  This is my first attempt and is made from Noro sock yarn, not sure of the colours, but itwould be nice for Autumn.  I threaded some old -oops sorry vintage – beads onto the yarn first and then chain stitched in metallic gold between the rows of weaving.  I am not even sure if  I like this but it was a good experience to do and next time I will choose colours that I like  and make something really nice.Here are the sticks with some yarn on, they are about 6 ” long and about 3/8 of an inch in diameter.  They have a hole in the bottom through which you thread your base yarn. As you weave, once the sticks are full you just gently ease it down over the base threads – the base threads are as long as you want your weaving to be, so for a cuff I had my threads about 10″ long.  So if a cuff is between 8 or 9″  then you have the rest of the base threads to weave back into the main weaving to fasten off.  I have probably not explained my self very well, and if you have any questions I will be happy to answer them.

Have a great day!


Tales of Yore

Hi, just finished the King Mouse from Alan Dart’s Tales of Yore.  I think he is really cute and really enjoyed knitting him.

My mum – whom we live with – is 91 and has Alzheimer’s she takes Aricept  without which I am sure she would be much worse than she is.  Anyway, my mum didn’t know I was knitting this, and I knew she would love it and I thought I would surprise her, by placing him on the kitchen windowsill peeping out from behind two large pine cones.  I knew she would see it when she was washing up.

It was so lovely to see her laughing when she found it, and I intend to make the other mice and hide them round the house so she can come across them, hopefully giving her a bit of fun in the process.  The nose and mouth gave me problems, and I will have to resew them..again!  However according to my mum I am the worlds best knitter and an asset to the creative world… but then she’s biased!


Since I have been making the little cushions with the 3.5″ tumbling block loom, I have been wanting to do a triangle so that I can make the cushions a bit bigger – they will be ‘proper’ cushions when I get my 7″ loom.  For now though I have been trying to make triangles.  I even wrote to Hazel to ask how I could do them, I  had seen instructions somewhere, but simply could not find them.  Anyway I worked it out before Hazel could email me back .  When I did get mail from Hazel, she told me the instructions are actually in then instructions that I got with the loom in the first place!  Doh!

The triangles are really easy to make, I used my weaving needle as the anchor at the halfway point of the diamondTriangle all woven, just pull the needle out and take it off the loom.It matches exactly with the diamond, which makes my brain think of tons of colour combinations and patterns.Can’t wait to make something with the triangle.  If you have a 7″ square loom, you can also make triangles on that too.  Have fun with that.

I also finished another little cushion, my favourite of the lot.Love to know what you all think,  have a great weekend!

Rosie x

Diamond pillows

I have been playing with my diamond loom again.  Joining 12 diamonds together in two stars, and then joining them to a diamond sewn horizontally between the two points.  So you need 18 diamonds altogether  12 in one colour and 6 in a contrasting colour.

I stuffed the pillow with polyester toy filling and whipped stitched it togther. To give it some shape I stitched two buttons in the center, pulling the thread so that it made a dimple where the button would be .

Made with James C Brett Marble – just can’t get enough of this yarn, such fabulous colours!

I shall give the tan one to Daniel, who snatched the turquoise one as soon as the buttons were sewn on, He said he would rather have a brownish one and as it didn’t come out as good as I wanted it too. I said he could have that one, while the other one sits in the box ready for the craft fair in July.

I would love  for you to comment on these, whether they are questions about them or even just to say you don’t like them!

Maybe even to say you DO like them.  Thanks, Rosie x

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