Diamond pillows

I have been playing with my diamond loom again.  Joining 12 diamonds together in two stars, and then joining them to a diamond sewn horizontally between the two points.  So you need 18 diamonds altogether  12 in one colour and 6 in a contrasting colour.

I stuffed the pillow with polyester toy filling and whipped stitched it togther. To give it some shape I stitched two buttons in the center, pulling the thread so that it made a dimple where the button would be .

Made with James C Brett Marble – just can’t get enough of this yarn, such fabulous colours!

I shall give the tan one to Daniel, who snatched the turquoise one as soon as the buttons were sewn on, He said he would rather have a brownish one and as it didn’t come out as good as I wanted it too. I said he could have that one, while the other one sits in the box ready for the craft fair in July.

I would love  for you to comment on these, whether they are questions about them or even just to say you don’t like them!

Maybe even to say you DO like them.  Thanks, Rosie x


5 Responses

  1. I LOVE them!! Did you use the large or small diamond loom?

    joquilts on Ravelry

  2. love them.. very pretty

  3. Very nice. I like them both. I’m guessing they were made with the 7″ Tumbling Block loom. It would make a nice sized pillow. Great work, thanks for sharing!

  4. Another vote in the ‘like them’ camp.

    Have you had much success in craft fairs in the past? It always seems like such a gamble to get a table that I’ve never tried.

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