Since I have been making the little cushions with the 3.5″ tumbling block loom, I have been wanting to do a triangle so that I can make the cushions a bit bigger – they will be ‘proper’ cushions when I get my 7″ loom.  For now though I have been trying to make triangles.  I even wrote to Hazel to ask how I could do them, I  had seen instructions somewhere, but simply could not find them.  Anyway I worked it out before Hazel could email me back .  When I did get mail from Hazel, she told me the instructions are actually in then instructions that I got with the loom in the first place!  Doh!

The triangles are really easy to make, I used my weaving needle as the anchor at the halfway point of the diamondTriangle all woven, just pull the needle out and take it off the loom.It matches exactly with the diamond, which makes my brain think of tons of colour combinations and patterns.Can’t wait to make something with the triangle.  If you have a 7″ square loom, you can also make triangles on that too.  Have fun with that.

I also finished another little cushion, my favourite of the lot.Love to know what you all think,  have a great weekend!

Rosie x


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