Tales of Yore

Hi, just finished the King Mouse from Alan Dart’s Tales of Yore.  I think he is really cute and really enjoyed knitting him.

My mum – whom we live with – is 91 and has Alzheimer’s she takes Aricept  without which I am sure she would be much worse than she is.  Anyway, my mum didn’t know I was knitting this, and I knew she would love it and I thought I would surprise her, by placing him on the kitchen windowsill peeping out from behind two large pine cones.  I knew she would see it when she was washing up.

It was so lovely to see her laughing when she found it, and I intend to make the other mice and hide them round the house so she can come across them, hopefully giving her a bit of fun in the process.  The nose and mouth gave me problems, and I will have to resew them..again!  However according to my mum I am the worlds best knitter and an asset to the creative world… but then she’s biased!


2 Responses

  1. adorable Rosie.. well done…

  2. How cool! I have some of his bunny patterns, but haven’t gotten around to getting his mice. They’re awfully cute! I had some trouble getting the mouth on my Hibernating Harry hedgehog right too.

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