Stick weaving

I have been looking into weaving on  things other than my HazelRose looms.  Stick weaving must be amongst the first  type of weaving around.  You can imagine someone maybe weaving strands of grass round a few sticks, not because of trying to make something, but perhaps just sitting idly and just faffing about, and then realising that this faffing might just be something useful.

So I got my weaving sticks from Wingham Wools, about a fiver I think they were, and for those of you who like things to happen fast, weaving on these sticks is very fast.

Not sure what I could make from this weaving, you end up with a strip that is approximately 2″ wide and I thought I could turn this into a nice cuff/bracelet.  This is my first attempt and is made from Noro sock yarn, not sure of the colours, but itwould be nice for Autumn.  I threaded some old -oops sorry vintage – beads onto the yarn first and then chain stitched in metallic gold between the rows of weaving.  I am not even sure if  I like this but it was a good experience to do and next time I will choose colours that I like  and make something really nice.Here are the sticks with some yarn on, they are about 6 ” long and about 3/8 of an inch in diameter.  They have a hole in the bottom through which you thread your base yarn. As you weave, once the sticks are full you just gently ease it down over the base threads – the base threads are as long as you want your weaving to be, so for a cuff I had my threads about 10″ long.  So if a cuff is between 8 or 9″  then you have the rest of the base threads to weave back into the main weaving to fasten off.  I have probably not explained my self very well, and if you have any questions I will be happy to answer them.

Have a great day!


2 Responses

  1. Have never heard of stick weaving, but it looks really nice, Rosie. The dark yarn is gorgeous. Had to laugh about old/vintage. Isn’t that the truth? ha!… it’s funny how vintage makes the same idea a bit classier.

  2. Hi Rosie,
    I love your speculation on the beginnings of weaving and can also picture just that. I used to sit and weave grass around my fingers just that way.
    We used to do this in school. I gave the kids soda straws. We’d punch a hole in one end for the yarn and weave over the straw exactly like your sticks. The kids would make them into head bands. Some of them would weave geometric designs to make “Indian” headbands. But your beads are a good idea, too. I like that. You can make straps for bags or for your ukulele even!
    I’ve seen these with a stick holer so that you can weave wider stuff, too.

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