This is getting a bit ridiculous, I keep starting things and then they get boring and then of course they take so long to finish!  Now I know my UFO’s are quite minimal compared to some people’s, but it’s driving me mad.

The scarf above is almost done, just a few more rows to do and the edging.  I have done this scarf before and it took me two days, this particular one has been going on for nearly 2 months!  I always have it with me in a ziplock in my bag so it’s not as if I just forget it.  I have crocheted some of it on the bus to town, in fact the journey is just the right amount of time to do one row.  I need to get this done, as I have an order for another one from the nurse at my Dr’s surgery.

Now this UFO, is what I started at the knitting group I have started going to on Monday mornings at Waterstones book shop.  It’s as tumbling blocks blanket, and basically I took my looms on the first week I went, as I couldn’t be bothered to crochet the above scarf!  This is only just started and needs a lot more work, but I do like the colours which I am sure you can’t see properly thanks to my dreadful photography skills, but it is a blackberry, grey and turquoise.  Odd colours I know, but I quite like the effect they have.This is a top down cardi  I started on Tuesday.  I was so impressed by the wonderful garments that my knitting group friends were making that I thought I would make my very first crocheted garment.  It’s going well and I have been working on it while watching the World cup games this week.  I really, really would like it finished by Sunday, ha ha!  Again due to my crap photography this is actually pale green and not washed out gray.  Made with Paton’s Grace and the pattern is also by Patons and is called Gracious.  This little fellow needs some clothes, he is woven on a 6″ loom – not one of HazelRose’s but one I picked up at The Threshing Barn, the pins are more widely placed than on Hazel’s loom so I can use chunky yarn on it.

So for now those are my UFO’s,  I really need to get them finished and you are quite welcome to ask how they are going, and to tell me to get on with the , especially during the next week.  Gotta keep me at it!

Have fun!



2 Responses

  1. Okay, Rosie, I will tell you: Get on with it! lol This from a gal who has at least as many UFO’s! But it sounds like none3 of these aqre really UFO’s tho the scarf may be edging that way. I prefer Works In Progress. WIP’s are not forgotten, they are just moving slowly.I love the colors in the Tumbling Blocks, you are right, they do go together well. And I have not see that Crocheted cardi but it looks like it’s going to be lovely!
    Onward and Upward!

  2. I love the colors in the tumbling blocks. Looking forward to seeing how you’ll dress the little woven fellow.

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