Sewn n’ stuffed!

At last I have finally sewn and stuffed this doll.  Actually this is the bit I hate most.  I have been trying very carefully not to catch the edge of the front in any of the seam.  It is impossible to pull them out when finished, and it looks dreadful too.  So today I punched 6 strands around the edge backwards, meaning that the loops were on the wrong side of the material.  Thinking I could sew right up next to them avoiding the actual loops on the doll, then when it was all sewn I could just pull the 6 strands out leaving a nice seam with no caught up loops.  Clear as mud – thought so.

Didn’t really work as it left quite a large white gap between the front of the doll and the backing material.  Pulled the 6 strands out, and it left some lovely holes for me to stitch in right next to the front loops.  Went crazy with the iron pushing the loops away from the holes and crossed my fingers So this is the back and you can just see right at the top a tiny little bit of white  where I have sewn the two pieces together.  I love the background material the little leaves are edged in gold, which I think is quite nice for this doll.  She also smells wonderful as around half her filling is lavender.


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