Punch needle rugs

I think I have just found something that might keep me happy for a while.  After losing my passion for paper and quilling, a passion that lasted over 20 years.

I have been finding it really difficult to find a creative outlet that I love and enjoy as much as what I did with paper. I do enjoy making things with the miniature punch needle and now have just discovered that you can actually make rugs with a larger type of punch needle.

Looking for sites to do with all this I found Amy Oxford, who seems to be a bit of a genius when it comes to punch needle rug making, her website is in the blog roll it is well worth a look at the gallery.

Well at the top you can see one of the freebies from Primitive Bettys – also in the blog roll.  I had some hessian/burlap, and although I started this a while  ago, the needle I was using had some problems and it never got  finished.  However, a new needle was purchased and some Monks Cloth, from this place in Scotland  http://www.ragartstudios.com.  Hessian isn’t really very good for punch needle rug making, the threads may snap with the pressure of the needle going in and out so evenweave  is the best bet.  I am in the process of re-drawing the pattern on to my monks cloth and will let you know how it is getting on.This is an owl which I made this morning, he has no claws on this photo, and he is blue and white because in this household we support Sheffield Wednesday, one of our local football / soccer teams, they play in blue and white and their mascot is Ozzy the Owl.

I am going to try and stuff this owl – he is about 11 inches high – and send him to my son Alex who lives in Kazahkstan.  The last time Sheffield Wednesday and our other local team Sheffield United played together I had to tune the radio to the sports station and place it in front of my laptop so he could listen to the match on Skype!  Boys huh!

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