What a week!

I really don’t want another couple of weeks like the ones I have just experienced!  It started out okay, a week last Monday I was looking forward to going to the embroiderer’s guild meeting on Wednesday night and was collecting my threads for the Norwich stitch experiment.

Wednesday night arrived and the meeting was great, apart from a text I received from my husband about 10 minutes before the end, telling me that he was at the hospital with my 16 year old son Daniel.   Dan’s leg had been really hurting over the past few weeks, and we had been to physio who said that one of his femurs had grown more than the other one, which meant that one leg was longer and that was why he was having trouble walking.

Wednesday night however he was in real pain, and the only place for him was the A&E unit.  I had to go home from the meeting to look after my mum and so had to rely on text messages and phone calls to find out about Dan.  Eventually he was allowed home at 2 a.m. only to be told to get back there at 8.30 a.m.   He had a blood clot due to an anti-thrombin III deficiency.  This is hereditary from his grandfather and we were told only that if he had surgery during his teens that the Dr should be aware of it.

To cut a long story short he was in hospital for a week – came home yesterday – and has to take Warfarin for the next 3 months.

Meanwhile I on the other hand developed a horrific cold – I mean lets face it we have all had rotten colds, but this one was something else!  Never have I felt so ill with a cold, it also meant that I could not visit Daniel in hospital which was a complete bummer for both of us!  My poor John was run ragged coming home from work cooking tea and rushing out again to see Dan.

You can imagine that not a lot of sewing, weaving or anything else was done by me, but I hate doing posts with no pictures, so here are a couple of bits that I found in the bottom of a drawer when I was clearing things out a while ago.

I cannot remember what this yarn is called, I got it in a sale a couple of years ago but I do remember it is by Noro.  I crocheted these three pins and then forgot about them!  I love the pink and green one best.

I designed this little lamb when I was thinking about making a nursery quilt and somewhere I did three others for the rest of the seasons, this one is Summer.  So somewhere in the house are Spring, Autumn and Winter.  When this cold finally goes – at least I almost  have my voice back today – I will find the rest of them.

Have a great weekend and thanks for looking.

Rosie x


2 Responses

  1. Wow! Rosy. You did have a tough one! Your poor son! What a mess for him. Glad they finally figured out what was wrong. And I hope you are feeling better too!

  2. Just found you oveer here. Oh, my goodness, it sounds as if you have had a really rough time. Glad to hear that things are better now. Take carex

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