Weaving a box.

Hello again, you can tell I have been busy, this is the second post in as many weeks.  I have been weaving again, and I made half of this little box quite a few months ago and it has been sitting on the shelf next to my desk.  I began to feel guilty at not finishing it.  I think it hadn’t been finished because I was having problems with whether to put sides on the lid, there were some fiddly bits to do which at the time I couldn’t face doing.It is woven from something in my stash, I know it is wool, but can’t for the life of me remember who it is by or what it is called.  When using the small hand looms space dyed wool can be pretty amazing, sometimes you end up with an almost tartan design, or with this one the darker pinks are at one side, so its almost like sunshine and shadows.  It’s not something that comes out well on the pictures, but it is there.

So I finally  finished it, I sewed on the heart button, crocheted a chain for the closure and stood back to admire.  Did it need something on the top?  Or should I just let the beauty of the wool show through.  I have lots of crocheted flowers and spent an age sitting them on top trying them out.

I know this particular flower is the wrong colour, but in pink it would make a nice top.  Please let me know what you think whether it needs a flower or not.  The feet are pretty little wooden beads with pink cord wrapped around them and they are sewn on to the bottom.

This box is a prototype and now that I have sorted out the fiddly bits I will make some more to put in my Etsy shop. It could be used to hold your trinkets, or some threads and embroidery scissors, a pincushion on the top would be useful for this, or maybe some wrapped candy.  The box is 4 inches square and was woven on a 4″ Hazel Rose Multi loom.

The inside is lined in cotton and the whole box is stabilised by plastic canvas.

Thanks for looking, and if you are living in the UK, hope you have had more sun then we have over this Bank Holiday weekend.


Wordless (Weaving) Wednesday.

Crochet Pincushions.

Hi, not been around for quite a while, so it’s nice to be back.  I have been looking after my mum, who’s condition is getting worse I’m afraid.  Alzhiemer’s is a horrible disease which causes so much distress, not only to the sufferer but also to the people who support them.   I still find it difficult to realise that my mum is now more like a toddler than a 93 year old woman.

Anyway, I keep my sanity by crocheting, and these pincushions are something that I enjoy making, they are quick and I have made enough now that I don’t have to count so carefully when I make them.  I love looking for fabulous buttons to go in the middle, and I think I have found some wonderful ones with these little faces, they are so cute!The actual pincushion is made from Anchor Magicline,  it’s a lovely cotton in mouthwatering colours. I love the watery blues and greens of the one above.

The yellow one reminds me of summer, its like an ice lolly colour, refreshing and sweet.


I have one more to show you, a lovely blue one.  Blue is my favourite colour. The button I found for this one is a sparkling crystal heart. Actually not crystal but plastic, however, it looks good.

I thought I might put these on Etsy in my shop Under the Hedgerow, will try to do that tomorrow.

Anyway, its nice to be back and thank you for looking.

Cheers Rosie

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