Seasons Greetings!

During the past two months I have been very busy, but not actually making anything. My mum was admitted to hospital with a chest infection, and she ended up staying for two months! Not because of the infection,  but because she was losing weight.
Now my mum was skinny anyway,  but because she couldn’t eat the disgusting slop they called food she lost weight. So instead of sending her home where I could feed her things that she could eat, I was reduced to taking flasks of soup which she devoured like a ravening dog.

Eventually I got her home but in a much worse state then when she went in.  Now she cannot walk by herself,  her legs seem to plait together when she walks. So although she had a walker she cannot even manage that by herself. She is confused by the fact that she cannot do anything for herself and keeps trying to get up which causes more anguish for her when she falls back in her seat.

However even though my husband John and I are completely exhausted I am pleased to have her home. 

I have not really had time to make anything, but I did manage a Crobaktus scarf for a friend and I am just finishing another for her mum.


It’s black with a very sparkly silver thread  running through it, and the yarn is from James C Brett – of course – called  Twinkle.

I hope that all of you that celebrate the season have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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