What a week!

I really don’t want another couple of weeks like the ones I have just experienced!  It started out okay, a week last Monday I was looking forward to going to the embroiderer’s guild meeting on Wednesday night and was collecting my threads for the Norwich stitch experiment.

Wednesday night arrived and the meeting was great, apart from a text I received from my husband about 10 minutes before the end, telling me that he was at the hospital with my 16 year old son Daniel.   Dan’s leg had been really hurting over the past few weeks, and we had been to physio who said that one of his femurs had grown more than the other one, which meant that one leg was longer and that was why he was having trouble walking.

Wednesday night however he was in real pain, and the only place for him was the A&E unit.  I had to go home from the meeting to look after my mum and so had to rely on text messages and phone calls to find out about Dan.  Eventually he was allowed home at 2 a.m. only to be told to get back there at 8.30 a.m.   He had a blood clot due to an anti-thrombin III deficiency.  This is hereditary from his grandfather and we were told only that if he had surgery during his teens that the Dr should be aware of it.

To cut a long story short he was in hospital for a week – came home yesterday – and has to take Warfarin for the next 3 months.

Meanwhile I on the other hand developed a horrific cold – I mean lets face it we have all had rotten colds, but this one was something else!  Never have I felt so ill with a cold, it also meant that I could not visit Daniel in hospital which was a complete bummer for both of us!  My poor John was run ragged coming home from work cooking tea and rushing out again to see Dan.

You can imagine that not a lot of sewing, weaving or anything else was done by me, but I hate doing posts with no pictures, so here are a couple of bits that I found in the bottom of a drawer when I was clearing things out a while ago.

I cannot remember what this yarn is called, I got it in a sale a couple of years ago but I do remember it is by Noro.  I crocheted these three pins and then forgot about them!  I love the pink and green one best.

I designed this little lamb when I was thinking about making a nursery quilt and somewhere I did three others for the rest of the seasons, this one is Summer.  So somewhere in the house are Spring, Autumn and Winter.  When this cold finally goes – at least I almost  have my voice back today – I will find the rest of them.

Have a great weekend and thanks for looking.

Rosie x


Count twice, sew once!

This is my very first biscornu.  I have admired these for a long time and now that I am back enjoying needlework I thought it might be an enjoyable and fairly easy project to begin with again.  It has been quite a few years since I did any X stitching, it must be about 15 years since stitched with any quantity. I went along to Wye Needlecraft in Bakewell, this is about a 30 minute drive from home, and as I don’t drive it means I can only go at the weekend when dh is about.  I have put Wye in my blog roll so take a look, they will send anywhere and they do have some really lovely things.

Anyway back to the biscornu,  so much for it being an easy project!  Well it probably is, but I forgot the motto of X stitcher’s  “Count twice, sew once”    I thought that the material would not be worth sewing on at all by the time I had undone my errors for the millionth time!

At last I finished it!  and although I did make some ridiculous mistakes I thoroughly enjoyed making this little pincushion.

Remember, count twice, sew once!

The Embroiderer’s Guild

Over Christmas my lovely friend Joan came to see me and brought another friend with her.  Kath is the secretary of the local branch of the embroiderer’s guild.  Joan in her wisdom, thought I would like to meet her and maybe get out for an evening to go to a meeting of the guild. While we were having coffee and chatting we were discussing my hand looms and I was able to show Kath how to weave on them.  She liked them so much that she went and ordered one from Teresinah at Wild Colours – see blog roll.

Speaking of Wild Colours, I ordered a 14″ loom from there a while ago, I was dying for it to arrive and guess what?   The post office managed to lose it!  Teresinah and I were emailing each day, wondering if it was ever going to arrive.  In the end you have to wait for 19 days before you can inform the post office that it has not arrived and they consider it lost.

In the end Teresinah decided that it would be best if she came up to Sheffield by train from Birmingham and brought my replacement loom with her.

It was a filthy day when I met her at the station, pouring with rain and so we hurried to the nearest Starbucks for and cup of coffee and to get warm and dry. The photo shows Teresinah with two cushions, the circular pattern is couched onto the weaving using yarn that she has spun and dyed with natural dyes.  The photo does not do it justice, it really was fabulous.  The other cushion is spun and dyed the same way.  With varigated yarns you can end up with wonderful plaids with no effort at all.

After we had done our little show and tell we wandered into the Millennium Gallery and then the Graves Art Gallery, fortunately they are across the road from each other so we didn’t get too wet.

When I got home I started weaving and here is my loom with the weaving still on it ready for me to embroider something on it. I love this loom, but oh my, it does make my arms ache!  It’s too big to have on your knee like the rest of my looms, but find that it works best resting up against the table edge.

On Wednesday I did go to the embroiderer’s guild meeting, I had been asked to take my looms and do a little show and tell, which went well.  There were some fabulous things to look at  that the other ladies had made.  And it was so nice to get out and meet new people.  At the next meeting we will be covering a note book  using Norwich stitch, which looks like this…I am so looking forward to it, and intend to practice this stitch before the meeting.

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