In the garden

Yesterday, the weather forecast said it was going to rain, it actually didn’t.So i rushed out to take photos of these.  Usually as soon as the peonies burst into bloom we normally have a heavy downpour, which then renders them a soggy mess with half the petals on the floor.  Not much point taking pictures then…

I am trying to get this garden into some sort of shape, there are large physical things that need doing, which unfortunately I can’ t do by myself, and there is no way I can afford to have them done by professionals.  Soooo, as my dearest hubby is off work next week and also it’s half term,so Dan will be home, I am sure I am going to get some help – they don’t quite know it yet.I do love these blue geraniums, so delicate and fairy like.  Mind you they spread like wild fire so will have to keep an eye on them.

The lupins are in bud, I hope we get a lot this year. This is the second year this plant has grown in the garden and they did very well last time with several flowers blooming over a few weeks. Looks like we are getting pinkish ones.

I still have a lot of digging to do, and next year I need to plant some trees.  After living in the country for 10 years I really miss the birds, there are hardly any round here, though I have seen and heard lots of activity and noise from my neighbour’s trees.  Oh and I did see loads of swallows sky diving when I took the dogs for a walk.

I’m hoping that I can make enough room for a lilac tree and a laburnam.  I do know they are poisonous, but I don’t know anyone in this household who is going to eat the seeds. I did see a fabulous one this morning on the walk, wonderful chandeliers of yellow. Will try and get a pic later or in the morning. This Clematis is called Joesephine and   the flowers are amazing, I had no  idea just how big or how abundant this plant would be.  The petals just keep coming and coming.  This is again the 2nd year of this plant, I would really like it to spread horizontally across the wall instead of just going up. Does anyone know how I can’ do that?    I planted it in a rather large ceramic pot in full sun which it does seem to like.

What a fabulous colour!  I bought these in the market, 6 for £2.99 not bad when I have seen pots of one for £1.50.  They are a burst of summer joy.  I might need to go to a garden center during this next week, I am sure I can get something to complement these flowers, maybe a chocolate plant – sorry can’t remember the proper name!

Ohh I think I had better write a list, just thought I could do with some shrubs to go in a shady corner.   Well, lots to do, lots to do….

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