Hearts a plenty


I seem to have made rather a lot of hearts. Some are crocheted, some are made with punchneedle embroidery, everyone likes hearts and most of these are filled with lavender.


wpid-20140413_120155.jpgThis is a cute one, I have had the kissing sheep pattern for a good few years, I got it as a freebie from a blog, unfortunately I can’t remember which one, if anyone recognizes it perhaps you would let me know then I can give an acknowledgement. It is a great pattern.wpid-20140413_120126.jpgI love this one! At the time I was making this I was reading books written by JR Ward – The Black Dagger Brotherhood, these books are about a group of  vampires who obviously fall in love with human girls – and boys, and they also police their world. Fabulously sexy guys and great stories.

So a black crocheted heart edged in black sparkly beads with a pretty red rose, indicative perhaps of blood.  What the heck I had great fun reading the books and making the heart!

I could go on and on about the hearts on the mantelpiece, if you see one that you would like more information on please let me know.  Well my looms are calling, I have the makings of a box, and it all needs sewing together.

See you soon! Rx



Hello again.





Hi, nice to see you all again. Since my last post lots of things have changed including losing my mum. Not really sure why we say we have lost them, we know exactly where they are, still in our hearts, still hugging and loving us just the way they always did.  I have learnt that when someone close dies it all takes a great deal of time to get back to what could be a normal state of affairs. It’s just over a year since my mum went, and sometimes it’s still very difficult especially when I do something that I did with her.

I’m still crafting which now that we have moved to a smaller house has caused a few challenges like where am I going to put things?  Everything is in a small second bedroom and sometimes walking in here is quite tricky in case I move the wrong way and everything comes crashing down like a house of cards!

I made the Union Jack punch needle heart yesterday, it’s filled with lavender and smells delicious.

It’s nice to be back !

Sewn n’ stuffed!

At last I have finally sewn and stuffed this doll.  Actually this is the bit I hate most.  I have been trying very carefully not to catch the edge of the front in any of the seam.  It is impossible to pull them out when finished, and it looks dreadful too.  So today I punched 6 strands around the edge backwards, meaning that the loops were on the wrong side of the material.  Thinking I could sew right up next to them avoiding the actual loops on the doll, then when it was all sewn I could just pull the 6 strands out leaving a nice seam with no caught up loops.  Clear as mud – thought so.

Didn’t really work as it left quite a large white gap between the front of the doll and the backing material.  Pulled the 6 strands out, and it left some lovely holes for me to stitch in right next to the front loops.  Went crazy with the iron pushing the loops away from the holes and crossed my fingers So this is the back and you can just see right at the top a tiny little bit of white  where I have sewn the two pieces together.  I love the background material the little leaves are edged in gold, which I think is quite nice for this doll.  She also smells wonderful as around half her filling is lavender.

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