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Hi, nice to see you all again. Since my last post lots of things have changed including losing my mum. Not really sure why we say we have lost them, we know exactly where they are, still in our hearts, still hugging and loving us just the way they always did.  I have learnt that when someone close dies it all takes a great deal of time to get back to what could be a normal state of affairs. It’s just over a year since my mum went, and sometimes it’s still very difficult especially when I do something that I did with her.

I’m still crafting which now that we have moved to a smaller house has caused a few challenges like where am I going to put things?  Everything is in a small second bedroom and sometimes walking in here is quite tricky in case I move the wrong way and everything comes crashing down like a house of cards!

I made the Union Jack punch needle heart yesterday, it’s filled with lavender and smells delicious.

It’s nice to be back !


Seasons Greetings!

During the past two months I have been very busy, but not actually making anything. My mum was admitted to hospital with a chest infection, and she ended up staying for two months! Not because of the infection,  but because she was losing weight.
Now my mum was skinny anyway,  but because she couldn’t eat the disgusting slop they called food she lost weight. So instead of sending her home where I could feed her things that she could eat, I was reduced to taking flasks of soup which she devoured like a ravening dog.

Eventually I got her home but in a much worse state then when she went in.  Now she cannot walk by herself,  her legs seem to plait together when she walks. So although she had a walker she cannot even manage that by herself. She is confused by the fact that she cannot do anything for herself and keeps trying to get up which causes more anguish for her when she falls back in her seat.

However even though my husband John and I are completely exhausted I am pleased to have her home. 

I have not really had time to make anything, but I did manage a Crobaktus scarf for a friend and I am just finishing another for her mum.


It’s black with a very sparkly silver thread  running through it, and the yarn is from James C Brett – of course – called  Twinkle.

I hope that all of you that celebrate the season have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Pink and Grey Hand Woven Blanket

Pink and Grey Hand Woven Blanket

This is the blanket that has been sitting in a box waiting for me to add a backing finally finish it off.  I hand wove this with my 4″ Hazel Rose loom.  It takes about 10 minutes to do one square, so its pretty quick once you know what you are doing.  The size of this would do for a cot blanket or just a lap quilt. I must admit, it is very snuggly.   I backed this with pink fleece and I sewed pretty shell buttons in the shape of flowers and hearts on some of the squares to hold it all together.  The yarn I used is James C Brett  acrylic, I’m not a huge fan of acrylic really, but this yarn is quite exceptional.

Weaving a shawl/wrap

I have just started weaving this gorgeous shawl by Jana Trent.  Jana put this pattern up on the online weaving magazine WeaveZine (see blogroll). The yarn that Jana used is Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool.

However being in the UK this yarn was not known, so I bought some yarn that I thought would do and gave it a try.  I used a bamboo/viscose and wool mix called Flirt by Sirdar, and the plain squares came out very well.  I could see it was going to drape beautifully.   However the lace squares were not too good, because of the smoothness of the yarn the lace pattern just sort of slid together, and I could see that I was going to have trouble blocking this.

Sooooo, I went mad and ordered the Elsebeth Lavold yarn from, Wool & Company – see blogroll.    This was the company that had the cheapest price at $7.95  so that plus postage from Illinois amounted to about $56 (£35).  I thought this was pretty good and the yarn is lovely.

A funny thing happened when I ordered the yarn, I got an email saying that they hadn’t got enough of the green I originally wanted, and Neil who wrote the email, said that my address was very familiar as he used to live a couple of miles away from me 20 years ago!  Woodseats,  Sheffield in the UK is a long long way to Saint Charles, Illinios, but somehow it’s a very very small world!

So here is the yarn I orderedI went for the gorgeous juicy orange, the photo does not do it justice, its more of a goldy orange than what you can see.  The pattern takes five skeins, but by the time I had come to take the pictures, one whole skein had been used, and I had fun with my Swift and ball winder making them into balls.  Here is what I have done so far.It takes 22 plain squares and 23 lacy squares, I think I have done about 8 of each so far. I need to get it finished by the 9th of Feb so I can take it to the next meeting of the EG.

Oh by the way, the yarn took only one week to arrive, so that’s definitely a point to Wool & Co.

Thanks for taking a look at my blog.

At the textile fair I picked up a few of these batts from Wingham Wool Works.  They are from Estonia and are the product of various sheep over there.    I have to say they make needle felting a great deal more fun than stabbing a ton of Merino roving.

This wool just goes quickly into shape and its just nice and fluffy and great to play with.

Sorry this is not a very good photo, I seem to have had trouble taking these, did some yesterday and they were just as bad!  But here you are, one little robin, bob bob bobbing along .   Here is a side view, the wings are not separate, I just used the needle to enhance the shape, quite a performance getting them the same size, but it was very enjoyable making this little bird.


Waiting waiting…

What am I waiting for?

Why the postman of course!  He has my two new looms, a 4″ multi triangle and a 6″ multi square.  I have been dying for these looms for ages.  My dearest Mr Bobbins surprised me and ordered them for me on Friday evening.

They came from Wild Colours – see blog list – and I know that Teresinah is very quick with the post, she posted them on Saturday apparently, and I am jumping up and down and rushing to the window every five minutes.   Ohhhh can’t wait!

Catch you later… Oh by the way, I did finish all the UFO’s in the last post just in case you were wondering.

Tales of Yore

Hi, just finished the King Mouse from Alan Dart’s Tales of Yore.  I think he is really cute and really enjoyed knitting him.

My mum – whom we live with – is 91 and has Alzheimer’s she takes Aricept  without which I am sure she would be much worse than she is.  Anyway, my mum didn’t know I was knitting this, and I knew she would love it and I thought I would surprise her, by placing him on the kitchen windowsill peeping out from behind two large pine cones.  I knew she would see it when she was washing up.

It was so lovely to see her laughing when she found it, and I intend to make the other mice and hide them round the house so she can come across them, hopefully giving her a bit of fun in the process.  The nose and mouth gave me problems, and I will have to resew them..again!  However according to my mum I am the worlds best knitter and an asset to the creative world… but then she’s biased!

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