Weaving a box.

Hello again, you can tell I have been busy, this is the second post in as many weeks.  I have been weaving again, and I made half of this little box quite a few months ago and it has been sitting on the shelf next to my desk.  I began to feel guilty at not finishing it.  I think it hadn’t been finished because I was having problems with whether to put sides on the lid, there were some fiddly bits to do which at the time I couldn’t face doing.It is woven from something in my stash, I know it is wool, but can’t for the life of me remember who it is by or what it is called.  When using the small hand looms space dyed wool can be pretty amazing, sometimes you end up with an almost tartan design, or with this one the darker pinks are at one side, so its almost like sunshine and shadows.  It’s not something that comes out well on the pictures, but it is there.

So I finally  finished it, I sewed on the heart button, crocheted a chain for the closure and stood back to admire.  Did it need something on the top?  Or should I just let the beauty of the wool show through.  I have lots of crocheted flowers and spent an age sitting them on top trying them out.

I know this particular flower is the wrong colour, but in pink it would make a nice top.  Please let me know what you think whether it needs a flower or not.  The feet are pretty little wooden beads with pink cord wrapped around them and they are sewn on to the bottom.

This box is a prototype and now that I have sorted out the fiddly bits I will make some more to put in my Etsy shop. It could be used to hold your trinkets, or some threads and embroidery scissors, a pincushion on the top would be useful for this, or maybe some wrapped candy.  The box is 4 inches square and was woven on a 4″ Hazel Rose Multi loom.

The inside is lined in cotton and the whole box is stabilised by plastic canvas.

Thanks for looking, and if you are living in the UK, hope you have had more sun then we have over this Bank Holiday weekend.


Wordless (Weaving) Wednesday.

Multi looms

Hey lovlies, I have been weaving like mad all week.   I sent for the next two looms I needed from Teresinah at Wild Colours and now I think I have the complete set of these.  I suppose if I need a different size that will have to be ordered separately from Hazel.   Anyway here are all my square / oblong multi looms.   So this week I have weaving with James C Brett Monsoon yarn  which is 70% acrylic and 30% wool and there is 196 yards or 180 metres in a ball.  Now being a complete idiot I forgot to take a picture of the ball of yarn, but it comes in various colours in one ball.  All the squares you see below came from one ball.

This is the 6inch square loom and the weaving that comes off it.  I do like this loom it’s a good size and it works up nice and quickly.This little baby is one of the new ones that I received this week, this is the 4 x 6 inch rectangle, again very quick to work up.

Another new loom, I love this one the 6 x 2 bookmark loom,  this one just whizzes along.

I think this was one of the first one’s I bought, the 4 inch square, it takes no more than 10 minutes to make this square, this is the loom I used for the pink and grey blanket.The 4 x 2 loom, this one fits in really well with the others as you will see in the final photograph.The little mini loom, 2 inch square loom. honestly the squares just fly off this one.

Ok so now you have seen all my square multi looms,  I do have a 4 inch triangle loom, but I’m not using it with this project.

So this is what they all look like together, I plan on making some sort of throw/blanket using all the square/rectangle looms.  One of the problems I have is that I don’t know whether to sew this lot together and use this particular pattern of squares, or to make them all different.  Out of one ball of yarn so far I have made 1 6 inch square, 2 6×4, 3 2×6, 15 4inch squares, 14 2×4, and 18 2 inch squares, and I still haven’t finished the first ball yet.

Would love to know what you think, thanks for reading.

This morning I was here at Spoon, I am so lucky that this brilliant little bistro is actually at the end of the road that I live on, it’s all of about 100 yds from my house.  I was meeting a friend that I hadn’t seen for a while – we are actually friends because we both have the same kind of dogs Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  Here is one of mine, this is Rufus, and he is 7.   Of course he is in charge, or he likes to think he is…

So, at the weekend I went to Wingham Wool Works and bought myself a peg loom, its 36 inches long and very well made,  I also grabbed some recycled sari yarn. I’m sure I can find something to do with it.I had a little play with the loom and the sari yarn – just to get a feel for it.  I really packed this down and it makes such a firm fabric, not sure what I will do with it, probably just keep it as a sample but it was fun to do and I have some very interesting ideas floating around in my mind on what to make on this loom. I love the colours in the sari yarn and although I used my Swift to wind it into balls, it still managed to twist in on itself, so I spent ages untangling it.  Just need to keep a tight hold of the ball to stop that.I used crochet cotton for the warp, in fact I used it doubled as it was only a fine one. It seemed to work ok, but as this is just a sample it doesn’t really matter.

Thanks for looking.

Weaving a shawl/wrap

I have just started weaving this gorgeous shawl by Jana Trent.  Jana put this pattern up on the online weaving magazine WeaveZine (see blogroll). The yarn that Jana used is Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool.

However being in the UK this yarn was not known, so I bought some yarn that I thought would do and gave it a try.  I used a bamboo/viscose and wool mix called Flirt by Sirdar, and the plain squares came out very well.  I could see it was going to drape beautifully.   However the lace squares were not too good, because of the smoothness of the yarn the lace pattern just sort of slid together, and I could see that I was going to have trouble blocking this.

Sooooo, I went mad and ordered the Elsebeth Lavold yarn from, Wool & Company – see blogroll.    This was the company that had the cheapest price at $7.95  so that plus postage from Illinois amounted to about $56 (£35).  I thought this was pretty good and the yarn is lovely.

A funny thing happened when I ordered the yarn, I got an email saying that they hadn’t got enough of the green I originally wanted, and Neil who wrote the email, said that my address was very familiar as he used to live a couple of miles away from me 20 years ago!  Woodseats,  Sheffield in the UK is a long long way to Saint Charles, Illinios, but somehow it’s a very very small world!

So here is the yarn I orderedI went for the gorgeous juicy orange, the photo does not do it justice, its more of a goldy orange than what you can see.  The pattern takes five skeins, but by the time I had come to take the pictures, one whole skein had been used, and I had fun with my Swift and ball winder making them into balls.  Here is what I have done so far.It takes 22 plain squares and 23 lacy squares, I think I have done about 8 of each so far. I need to get it finished by the 9th of Feb so I can take it to the next meeting of the EG.

Oh by the way, the yarn took only one week to arrive, so that’s definitely a point to Wool & Co.

Thanks for taking a look at my blog.

The Embroiderer’s Guild

Over Christmas my lovely friend Joan came to see me and brought another friend with her.  Kath is the secretary of the local branch of the embroiderer’s guild.  Joan in her wisdom, thought I would like to meet her and maybe get out for an evening to go to a meeting of the guild. While we were having coffee and chatting we were discussing my hand looms and I was able to show Kath how to weave on them.  She liked them so much that she went and ordered one from Teresinah at Wild Colours – see blog roll.

Speaking of Wild Colours, I ordered a 14″ loom from there a while ago, I was dying for it to arrive and guess what?   The post office managed to lose it!  Teresinah and I were emailing each day, wondering if it was ever going to arrive.  In the end you have to wait for 19 days before you can inform the post office that it has not arrived and they consider it lost.

In the end Teresinah decided that it would be best if she came up to Sheffield by train from Birmingham and brought my replacement loom with her.

It was a filthy day when I met her at the station, pouring with rain and so we hurried to the nearest Starbucks for and cup of coffee and to get warm and dry. The photo shows Teresinah with two cushions, the circular pattern is couched onto the weaving using yarn that she has spun and dyed with natural dyes.  The photo does not do it justice, it really was fabulous.  The other cushion is spun and dyed the same way.  With varigated yarns you can end up with wonderful plaids with no effort at all.

After we had done our little show and tell we wandered into the Millennium Gallery and then the Graves Art Gallery, fortunately they are across the road from each other so we didn’t get too wet.

When I got home I started weaving and here is my loom with the weaving still on it ready for me to embroider something on it. I love this loom, but oh my, it does make my arms ache!  It’s too big to have on your knee like the rest of my looms, but find that it works best resting up against the table edge.

On Wednesday I did go to the embroiderer’s guild meeting, I had been asked to take my looms and do a little show and tell, which went well.  There were some fabulous things to look at  that the other ladies had made.  And it was so nice to get out and meet new people.  At the next meeting we will be covering a note book  using Norwich stitch, which looks like this…I am so looking forward to it, and intend to practice this stitch before the meeting.

Hi, well here is my new Klass and Gessmann weaving frame.

Looks good on the picture, wish it looked that good on my desk.  Unfortunately there were very little instructions that came with it, and this is the first time I have ever wanted to use something  like this.  Please can anyone help me? How do I warp it, what do I use to warp it?  Looks pretty simple on the picture, not so simple for the complete muppet who bought it – ie me! Looking forward to your suggestions…

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